04 August 2009

In the Garden--again

Have hopefully learned my lesson about being out too late in the garden. Some apparently ravenous mosquitoes found me there--yesterday-- as we were working on tying the climbing rose to a new trellis. Let's just say they have left their somewhat memorable, but thankfully temporary 'mark' on me (itch, itch)..
Climbing rose bouquet.
Either New Dawn or White Dawn.
Another hot day here but the NW is gradually cooling down. The ground is quite parched and desperately needs a heavenly watering as does our NW forests; some fruit is also showing the effects of the days of intemperate weather here, and in some areas NW natives are talking in almost reverential tones about the possibility of showers and more normal temperatures.
And now--
a few more garden photos before I head off to 'sleepland'...

Tolerated the high temperatures better then I thought it would but produced flowers in the last day or so.
Nosegay of herb blossoms: chervil, orange mint, lemon balm and two types of english lavender.
Visitors on the lavender.
Aimee--AKA Mosquito Bait


Brandon M said...

Nice photography.

Anonymous said...

All pics. is really beautiful.....
Thanks for this beautiful blog.......

see this

aimee said...

Hey Brandon!
Thanks for your visit to my blog and nice comments! I appreciate them:) It is rather late (or should I say really early) here but I will take a look at your blog later today--am looking forward to seeing your garden photos especially!
Blessings, A

aimee said...

Hey Analog!
TY for visiting. I need to let others know that the link you have posted does lead to a business site though. I hope you will understand and again, thanks for your comments and for visiting.
Blessings, A

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