04 August 2009

Of Plums & Figs

Right on the heels of the 'Great Apricot Freeze' & eating frenzy, it looks like I will be undertaking the 'Great Plum & Fig Preservation' campaign. YIKES!
The Shiro plums are ripe and ready to go...

Since my freezer is really getting full, I am thinking of making some jam out of the plums but not quite sure yet. I found a recipe for a Golden Spice Plum jam that sounds good, but
am not sure how much time I will have so may end up freezing these for a later processing too. OH--and I can't seem to find a current canning book in the stores....argh!

Some of the Desert King figs are ready to go and there are countless other figs growing their way into maturity. Double YIKES!

I don't even want to think about the Satsuma Blood plums that are close to being ripe nor the Asian pears, pears, apples and other fruit ripening in the next month or two. And I am back to longing for apricots again....
if you are friend or family
you are hungry for some nice, no-spray, FREE plums
and maybe a few figs too;
just let DH, AKA 'Farmer Boy'
his wife
that you want some of these


Did I say please?
Blessings all!

Shiro plums
Desert King figs
Satsuma Blood plums
(both the Shiro & Satsuma are Japanese plums)

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