06 August 2009

Note to Visitors

Welcome to my cyber home--a little bit of my beliefs, life experiences, hobbies & interests and more. If that sounds like something you would enjoy, please feel free to browse around for awhile. My main interests are: faith & serenity, home & gardening, family & genealogy, photography and travel. About the latter two--I am currently in the process of re-labeling all the travel posts to be more specific in location (mostly these are under the label 'Walks in His Gardens') and consolidating others to make the site more user friendly and easier for me to manage.
Regarding comments--I accept those from fellow bloggers and also from visitors who wish to remain anonymous. Please keep in mind though, that since this is a family oriented site with a focus on peace, I will not post any comment that I feel isn’t suitable for young viewers or would create an uncomfortable place for my visitors. I may, too, in rare instances choose to not post a comment for other reasons--I apologise if that offends anyone but since this place is a reflection of me I have to be comfortable with what is on it. I may--if I do that though-choose to respond to my deletion of a comment by a response in the comment area.

Regarding followers: I appreciate your interest in this blog very much, but after much thought on the subject feel at this time that I will not include this feature because I want to keep things simple. You’re always welcome to visit though and I hope this site will be of blessing to you.
Since the purpose of this blog is not to bring me money or fame but to, in a small way, allow me to share in other’s lives and they too--should they choose to--share in mine this blog will reflect this in all its areas. Know that, because of the atmosphere of peace and serenity I want for my visitors and myself here, I have chosen to avoid 'hot' topics here; there are other blogs where I do discuss my feeling about things like politics and such -- but here it would detract from this site's purposes.
Lastly, if anyone of you are undergoing great pain or stress right now, for whatever reason, know that you are not alone. I too have had major stresses in my life and the reason this blog came about was, in part, because of two ones I am dealing with now. Faith and making some changes in my life have helped me a lot but since I am imperfect (shock!) know that I still have times when I feel fear, anxiety and other negative emotions.

In Peace,
Photo: bonsai bowl, sans the bonsai plant, in my Japanese-style garden.

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