03 August 2013

Early August Garden

Viewer warning:
The following photos were not taken during the golden hour of the day.
They were not taken early enough to catch the beauty of the early morning dew
or after a wonderful, refreshing summer shower (I wish)...
and they were not taken with a tripod
(and should have been)
but still I hope you will enjoy them :)
I am always amazed at the visitors to our garden...
both the 'wild ones' and the plants that keep arriving unexpectedly!
This year we were blessed with this beautiful sunflower in the midst of our lingonberries.
I love sunflowers at this time of year and one of my favorite things to do is to walk through a field full of them...

Kiwi progress shot...
I love the way the kiwi leaf underneath almost looks like a bowl for them.
These are fuzzy kiwi and every year we harvest lots of them...
and I do mean, lots!
Another fun thing I like to do is visit kiwi farms...
where they actually know what they are doing:)

Crocosmia time--I can never get enough of these either.
Each year I wait (impatiently) for their gorgeous flowers to beautify our yard;
each year I am not disappointed!
And of course, this year I was sorely tempted to buy another one...
but where to put it?

Another volunteer plant we see a lot of--
besides our native moss which is taking over one of the paths by the upper pond (yippee!),
is the fern...
and I can never have enough of them too.
I almost feel like marking out the area where I wish them to plant themselves...

This daylily is one of my most favorite--
I love the pastel yellow
(hate the lighting; love the flower).
I can tell autumn is getting closer--
this week my friend cut a good part of our daylilies to the ground.
Am I ready for fall to begin?
no, probably not--although I have found myself enjoying the
 cloudier, cooler conditions we have had lately.
And (I almost hate to say this)--
I caught myself wishing praying for rain earlier this week.
Fortunately God knew what was best for this time...

Barrels a waiting...
yes, another project has been added to my 'to do' list
(along with the bamboo taming, lace stepping stones crafting, deck repair, etc., etc.)

And with this photo, taken in our miniature rose garden,
 I bid you adieu because my day is about to get very, very crazy in a little while...
(and there is also great hope I will see the small bubbly one today)!
Have a blessed weekend!


Terri said...

I think the lighting is just perfect- I love day lilies- they are so pretty. It sounds like you have a busy weekend planned- have fun!

by Teresa said...

My goodness, Aimee, you are getting really good at photography! Each and every photo was beautiful! I enjoyed all your images and flowers and I hope you get to see the cutie pie today. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

Grayseasailor said...

Sooooo beautiful, Aimee! I did enjoy your photos and know what you mean about praying for rain...I sort of wanted to but resisted :) Hope you are having a happy day!
Gracie xx

Linda W. said...

I think your photos are great - and I thoroughly enjoyed them! Especially the shot of your kiwis. Mmmmm....I love kiwis. Isn't it great this time of year when our gardens grow tall and beautiful?

Helen said...

I love sunflowers :)

Willow said...

Hi Aimee
What a pretty post ~ I think the lighting was beautiful.
Have fun with the bubbly one .
Hope you have a great evening and a wonderful Sunday.

aimee said...

TY! I love day lilies too. It looks like we're going to get some more blossoms and that makes me happy!
The family get-together went well...the weather cooperated and it was much more cooler this year then last:)

Thanks! I am truly glad you enjoyed them! I did get to spend a bit of time with the little one today AND I even got to see her big sis for awhile too--that automatically makes this a great day:)

Thanks! I am still going back and forth about the rain. We hugely need it--down south the fires are really bad (I talked to some people affected by the smoke today and it is bad) and it is so dry here, but the farmers are still harvesting and need their crops for income...

Thank you! The kiwi one was a favorite of mine too and I agree kiwi are awesome! You should, if you haven't before, try some baby kiwi--they are SO yummy! Yep--now that I am watering more frequently all the plants are doing a bit better...
didn't get my beautiful cosmos planted this year though:(

Me too, me too!!

Thank you! We had a great afternoon with family -- including for awhile the bubbly one! Now looking forward to a peaceful evening and some potluck leftovers. Mmm...fresh fruit:)

Wishing you all a good evening and a very blessed Sunday! Thank you for all the smiles your comments brought me today:)

Sam said...

Still felt the freshness and soft beauty Aimee. Not bad, given you didn't "capture the best light" or use a tripod. It's the feeling and sense that's important. And I think you did just great. Woofs to you.

Becky L. said...

Nice flowers. Yes the sun came out again. I did enjoy some outdoor time at a park with friends this afternoon. Was photographing queen annes lace and saw a little blue dragonfly. Hopefully it's in one of my photos. My friend has one of the orangey flowers as well. Beautiful. By the way, my foxglove has more blooms on it after I cut the top back cuz it was all done blooming! Yippee! Have a great weekend!

Betsy said...

I was all ready to tell you the yellow beauty was my favorite but then...there was the miniature rose. Gorgeous.
You certainly have lots of beauty in your yard right now.
We've had cooler weather for a couple of days too but tomorrow that will end with temps back into the 90's. summer is still here! Yippee!

Lorrie said...

Beautiful photos of your garden. It looks like a place that would be very pleasant to wander through. Summer days are so lovely.

aimee said...

Then I did well enough--because those two things are what I wanted to share:)
I hope things are well with you and your peeps! Woofs right back at ya and blessings too,

Thanks Becky! I love both queen anne's lace and dragonflies--looking forward to a blog visit when I get a few moments:)
That is pretty cool about your foxglove--I LOVE it! Am really enjoying the oranges and yellows this year.

TY-I love that one too---I am really, really fond of minis! Sigh--with all the dryness and heat we have a lot of blah areas too. We're back up in temps too, but I hear a rumour that soon we'll see the low 80's again---purr-fect weather for this lady:)
Enjoy summer!

Thank you--I'm happy you enjoyed them! I do like it outside--but lately we have had too many slithery visitors:( I do agree though--it is SO nice to have sunny days:)
LOVED your photos of the Canadian Rockies--thanks again for sharing!

Cheesemakin' Mamma said...

Why are you apologizing? These are beautiful pictures! Great job :)

aimee said...

You are very kind--thank you for your sweet comments:)

Cathy at Wives with Knives said...

Your photos are beautiful, Aimee. I'm looking forward to a good rain to water my poor dried out lawn and flower beds. I was hoping we would get a little share of last week's thunderstorms, but no luck. Looking forward to fall.

aimee said...

Thank you very much. We did receive some rain last week, but I would be more than happy to get a lot more! I also am looking forward to fall:)
Have a great week!

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