29 July 2013

Words That Give Grace

"Communication is like a little path into a person's heart and words spoken in a positive way give the listener life."

I am SO not perfect and sometimes, especially with certain people, I just lose it...
Here is an excellent post (with gorgeous photos) on the legacy we leave behind by the words that we allow to come forth out of our mouths.
Do we like the book of our lives that we're all writing? It not there is still time to make the next chapter better:)
Blissfully Content: Words That Give Grace


Photo: along the Salmon River in Oregon's Coast Range (summer, 2012)
Notes: Julia, of Blissfully Content also has many great ideas for home and garden! Did I say she is also from the PNW?? :)


by Teresa said...

Thanks for the link to that blog, I enjoyed my visit! Wonder where in the PNW her farm is? ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

Betsy said...

I need to change my words to more graceful and giving ones. Thank you for the reminder.

Linda W. said...

Beautiful photo. No one is perfect - I think we are all too hard on ourselves and others. When something is said in error, the best thing we can do is apologize to the person and ask for forgiveness. And the person on the receiving end should appreciate and always accept any apology.

Sam said...

Hi Aimee, I'm a dog. I have a pretty good life. My peeps love me a lot and take good care of me. My dad figures he's a square peg in a round hole. He loses stuff too. But that's okay, he just spouts off stuff. But that's okay. He calms down afterwards and then he's just my dad. He's a person, not a dog. I guess peeps are more complex than dogs

aimee said...

I was pretty sure you would enjoy your visit there! Julia has some great ideas and seems like a very nice person:)
I think I read somewhere on her blog that she lives in central Washington state...so not too far away you and I!

Me too, Betsy, me too...

Thank you--it seemed a nice one to go with a post about grace:)
Good, true and wise words Linda-thanks!

aimee said...

Did you know that you are one VERY wise dog? Thank you Sam for putting a smile back on my face--you are a dog of many talents:)

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