01 August 2013

A Day of Firsts: Part II

There are those moments in your life you will never forget--
intense, momentous, significant moments...
and who would have known that not too many minutes after this photo was taken,
one of those moments would occur...
(and this is the PERFECT photo for what was to come).
And-- did I say I wouldn't have my camera with me during
 that "intense, momentous, significant" moment in time?
Nope! And you'll understand why in just a bit.
But on with those 'other' firsts--first...
The aforementioned moment occurred here...
at beautiful Fort Yamhill--located above both the Grande Ronde and Yamhill River Valleys.
This is a wonderful, very historic spot that I've been visiting for awhile now and it is part of the Oregon State Park system.

The fort was originally built in 1856 and...
it was built, I found out,
to not only protect the settlers
but also to protect the Native Americans that were on the reservation
(there were concerns that the Native Americans might be attacked by those concerned with the problems in southern Oregon at that time).

 This photo brings back some 'historical' memories...
I would almost 'swear' that in this photo,
my granddaughter looks just like her dad eons ago...
well except for the whole pink sunglasses and sandals,
floral sundress, long hair and female DNA thing:)
I think it was during his Teenage Mutant Ninja phase...
This house was another first---
for it is,
despite what the Wikipedia article says,
one of the original officer's homes.
It was set to be destroyed (I believe by burning--shudder),
when someone realized that this was not just some old farmhouse.
That very brilliant and very wise person
recognized that under the 'improvements'
was the original home of one of the officers stationed at the fort.
So the home was saved, put back into its beautiful, incredible, original condition
(yippee for historic preservation and those who worked on this house to restore it)
it's set to be moved back up on the hill where it once stood!
BTW, I saw this house before its restoration and I can attest to what a wonderful job they have done.
I can also attest that this (well not this specific house but one like it)
would make a dream house-cottage for me...
of course I would need indoor plumbing,
which this one never had:)
That is because I am NOT a pioneer woman
(even though I am a descendant of quite a few of them).
Isn't this house a pretty little thing?
I LOVE the whitewash
(done with a lime solution and not paint);
I love the design!
It would be perfect for a loving couple and their three dogs.
Oh it was also here that my granddaughter and I first learned of something--
but we'll keep that quiet for awhile because it might become a future post:)
First sightings of these pretty wildflowers by a creek in the forest.
And that brings us to our last first--
for today that is.
It was here,
on this very spot,
not too long after this photo was taken...
and we had walked down to the creek,
that my granddaughter and Papi became a temporary living totem pole:)
But you'll have to take my word for it because I can't show you that photo--
I will show you another goofy granddaughter face though.
And that "intense, momentous, significant" moment that occurred at Fort Yamhill?
Well, as I said, there are NO photos
but it involved a first for my granddaughter...
using a vault toilet
(with a bit lot of support--literally--from grandma)
And it was good that I didn't have my camera at that very moment
for more reasons than one--
because it would most likely be at the bottom of said compartment right now:)
Fort Yamhill and Oregon coast range, July 2013.
© 2013 A. Blessings
All rights reserved.
Please do not copy.
(some errors on this site but has information on the notable people who served at the fort during its history--including Phil Sheridan)
and to see photos of the condition of the Officer's Home before its restoration,
please see this great blog I found today
(I LOVE blogs about history)!
If you follow Rick's links in this post you will also find photos of the original blockhouse that served the fort till it closed--this was moved to Dayton and is now in a park there...
(And yes, I have photos of these items --
I am a history nut after all--
but I like his photos better)


Betsy said...

Oh I love your day of "firsts". Your granddaughter is absolutely precious. I love the "historical moments" aka memories that you're making with her.

I'm so glad that the house wasn't destroyed too. It's absolutely beautiful and I would gladly trade my camper in for a cottage just like it, although I'm with you, I like indoor plumbing.

Such a beautiful place and thank you for taking us there with you. We'll have to try to visit there next time we're heading toward the coast. (I many have to ask you for directions.) :-)


Linda W. said...

What a beautiful place. I've never heard of Fort Yamhill, but thanks to you now I have. Looks like you had a great day with your granddaughter. And congrats on her (ahem) accomplishment! :)

aimee said...

It was a lot of fun--never thought I would be making one of those memories:)

Love that house so much--but I am definitely not ready to live like my ancestors (does that mean I'm spoiled? Yes!)

The fort is not far off the main highway that goes to the north central coast...and if you go I will tell you where to find a waterfall on the way!


aimee said...

Your comment left me giggling--thank you for that:)

by Teresa said...

You are SO lucky to have your little granddaughter to do things with you. Mine are back in Ohio.. wah. Thanks for your nice comment on my blog about losing my sweet kitty. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

aimee said...

I feel blessed to be able to--I wish your little ones were back here too because you are one awesome grandma! I truly hope you can see them sometime between now and the next time they come out here.
You're welcome Teresa. I've been praying for you this eve...that was a beautiful memorial you posted about her!
Hugs + Blessings,

Willow said...

You definately had me laughing about the vault toilet Aimee lol. Your grandaughter sure looks like she enjoys time spent with her grammy!

aimee said...

It was pretty funny! I had to convince the little one that there was NO way grandma was going to let her...down :)LOL
Yep, all of us have a lot of fun together!

Helen said...

Hello, thank you for visiting my new blog and leave those nice words :)
Your granddaughter is very sweet. I love the nature in the photos.

aimee said...

You are so welcome! Ah-thanks! We think she is very sweet also:) I'm glad you liked the photos--I really like that area too--next time I am going to hike to the top as you are supposed to be able to see two valleys from up there.
Have a blessed weekend,

Kalyan Panja said...

simply beautifully captured shots...lovely!

aimee said...

Hello Kalyan~
Thank you for your visit and kind words! I tried to leave a comment on your blog re: your most recent post but couldn't (I am not signed up for Google+)--so I will comment here hoping you receive this message. Your photo of the raindrops is gorgeous--it felt very peaceful and I loved it! I see that you have many travel photos so I will be back again:)
Blessings from the Pacific NW,

Cheesemakin' Mamma said...

Your granddaughter is so adorable! What a cool find. Glad you got to do some first-time exploring :) Oregon is so full of amazing history. We are blessed!

aimee said...

Ah! Thank you--we think so:) I agree-I love our state's history...come to think of it, I love ALL the PNW's history!
Blessings to you + your family!

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