30 April 2012

Port Angeles: The Journey Continues

About an hour from Port Townsend is another port city, Port Angeles.
Many people know this city for one of two reasons: its where you can catch a ferry to Vancouver Island, BC, Canada (specifically to Victoria) and just UP a winding road from the city is Hurricane Ridge, one of the most amazing areas of the Olympic National Park -
a viewpoint I am particularly fond of.
But the city itself has many interesting attractions...
among them public art
 loved this!
Ediz Hook -- a sand spit that extends out from the city into the Juan de Fuca strait
(and is a great place to shoot photos of the Olympic Mts that tower over the city, the strait and the bay. It's also a great place to find little rock sculptures like this,  
watch sailboats come and go
(SO wish it had been a clearer day over the mountains--sigh),
kids play,
ducks swim
and more!
I LOVE the spit and always go there when I am in Port Angeles.  
More public art...
don't you love art?
Of course you're just seeing half of 'him'...
Definitely NOT public art.
Nope! More like a resident of the city.
The person I was with asked me to get a photo of this beautiful parrot--
being a parrot lover, I complied:)
And last
(because I DO need some sleep before Monday chores begin...)
a photo I shall call
"history and yellow duck".
Have a great Monday...
more later.


BrittArnhild said...

Oh my! There are so many places out there I would LOVE to visit!!!!!

aimee said...

I know, me TOO!
Blessings, Aimee
PS: You would really love it when the Olympic Mountains are not hidden by any clouds:)

by Teresa said...

You are quite the adventurer!! We need to get out of the gorge and see more of the PNW!! Thanks for sharing. Hugs Teresa

aimee said...

Not so much as when I was younger:( But I do love to travel whenever the opportunity presents itself:)
I hope you do get a chance to travel outside the Gorge (although the Gorge is SO beautiful living or/and visiting there is quite the adventure)!
Blessings, Aimee

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