02 May 2012

Another Day; Another Bay: Discovery Bay

Yesterday's post saw us along Sequim Bay;
today's will see us along Discovery Bay.
Now you may already have seen this bay--
if you have taken Highway 20 into or out of Port Townsend.
(sorry--it's very hard to get a good photo of the bay from Highway 20
which is quite twisty and has a lot of beautiful trees along the road)

Of course if you have taken that route,
you know you are seeing the bay from quite a ways UP.
Today's visit will have some views that are UP a little,
but most of it will be from one of my favorite beaches--
a beach my mom first showed me many years ago.
Well here we are..
On this day, we left the very rainy Highway 20
(the first photo taken there was from another, sunnier day)
and arrived to THIS--
and we have the place to ourselves:)
Well mostly.
 Can you see the little cabins near the end of Discovery Bay?
Yes, I know, they would be much bigger had I used my zoom lens.
Still it is a nice photo of the bay...
For the longest time I confused this area with another one my mom took me to--Beckett's Point;
but this is not Beckett's Point (which is close to Cape George);
this is Diamond Point on the Miller Peninsula.
A photo from over to our right, but still looking out towards the entrance to the bay:
we are now looking (I hope) towards the Cape George area on the Quimper peninsula.
A close up of the water...be still my heart! BLUE water.
TY oh wonderful rain shadow:) 
TY God for creating the wonderful Olympic Mountains
which make the wonderful rain shadow possible!
 The bay--from up a ways.
Build me a log cabin please...
And to end our little journey...
the only thing that would make this gorgeous bay even prettier...
gorgeous horses with a bay background of course!
Yes, two of my loves together!

Back to the gorgeous Christian music on TV,
maybe a 0245 snack (or two)
and then some more sleep...


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by Teresa said...

Goodness, more great photos! OK, hubby and I need to make a trip up there. I need to use my Nikon DSLR more.. I keep falling back on using my iPhone!
((hugs)), Teresa :-)

aimee said...

Thanks! There are many, many times I wish for a pocket sized camera so I wouldn't have to carry my Nikon DSLR. You know times like when you are driving through a town and all of a sudden you see there are clouds on top of the mountain that are perfectly golden...and you have NO camera!GASP:(

Many people, including you, are using their iPhone now and with good results. I would do what suits you:)

Let me know if you do go to the Olympic Peninsula---I can share some information with you...

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