01 May 2012

Sequim: Continued Travels

Got rain? Move under the rain shadow:)
Let's be truthful. The western portion of the PNW gets a lot of precipitation from about October to whenever it decides to stop. Old PNW saying: summer doesn't start until AFTER July 1.
Today as it is showering here so I am reliving sunnier
times under the rain shadow.
Sequim is known for several things, besides its climate--
(the area receives about the same amount of rain as Los Angeles, CA but--of course--is cooler)
the cultivation of lavender
 (blog here: http://www.lavenderfestival.com/lavender-festival-blog.html  and
main site here: http://lavenderfestival.com/ )
the Olympic Game Farm
(which used to work with Disney on nature oriented films),
the Dungeness National Wildlife Refuge, lighthouse and spit.

On our trip there we drove the route known as the Dungeness Scenic Loop,
starting on Kitchen Dick Road...(you can pick up a brochure and information on this area at many of the visitor centers on the Olympic Peninsula)
We did a short drive to the Dungeness Spit but opted not to take a hike because we weren't sure how far we'd have to go before we could get a good look at the famous lighthouse there (the Dungeness Spit is over 5 miles in length)...next time I would love to hike there; one trail in particular caught my eye and I am still 'kicking' myself for NOT getting a photo of the start of it.
We did go to a sand spit though--Cline Spit, just off Marine Drive.
Now for years I didn't know this spit even existed;
and I would still not know about it unless
 our driver had not, all of a sudden, taken a left off the bluff road we were on and headed DOWN....
after I recovered from my shock,
I was VERY grateful there was a spit there--for more reasons then one.
Now this spit is much smaller then its nearby, and more famous, neighbor--
but it is very pretty never-the-less.
There, can you see it?
That is the famous New Dungeness Lighthouse...
I did tell the driver to get me to a beach with a view:)
Now if I had been thinking, I would have changed to my zoom lens right about here...
but I didn't:(
Another view of the more famous Dungness Spit...
On our drive there we passed this...reminded me, a bit, of the photos I have seen of Norwegian stabburs. I think it would make one AWESOME kid's fort...perhaps that is what it is!
One day I would love to build a stabbur.
A view towards the Olympics.
Well I was going to post some photos from Blyn and Gardiner here,
but I have taken much to long of time already so...
more later!
Coming: Beware of Trolls...
Links of Possible Interest
Sequim Visitor Information:
Cline Spit (in Sequim):
Dungeness NWR (Sequim):
Please see above post to find links to information on the many lavender farms and
 Dungeness Spit area.
Disclaimer: I have provided a few links that might interest you about the Sequim area. I am not associated with any of these organizations/government entities but found them to be helpful sources of information. :)


by Teresa said...

I loved this and the last post.. the flower photos are outstanding! What camera did you use to get those? You're really adventuring a lot.. good for you! I've never been to Sequim and have not heard of that lighthouse. I guess I need to see more of WA state!
((hugs)), Teresa :-)

aimee said...

Thank you Teresa! It really blessed me to know that you enjoyed my gift to you (and others) so much:)

To answer your question...on these flower photos I used my Nikon DSLR with the regular lens (not a macro one). If you want more info just let me know. I also used a photo processing program to crop the pictures and tweak the exposure, sharpening, etc--nothing special in terms of a photo program, just the one that came on my laptop.

I totally encourage you to go to the Olympic Peninsula--being a sailor you would love it. It's an amazing place and has a great variety of ecosystems and geography (rain forests, coast, mountains, etc)! It is also a very special place to my family--for one thing I spent part of my honeymoon there!

Have a great day and thanks again.

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