05 January 2012

Return to the Mountainside

Today the song of that mountainside again beckoned me.

It sang to me of waterfalls and rushing water.

It sang to me of that yet undiscovered site that had

beckoned me for months now to come, see and hear what I had only just seen in photos

and read about.

So after another fruitless search for that quilt,

a trip to pick up special food for Epiphany tomorrow

and a trip to a little bit of Scandinavia,

we headed up...

And I stood, in the same spot as in June

and drank in the beauty of the waterfall

as I listened to its strong, exhilarating, refreshing melody.

Its melody, spoke to me of Pacific storms,

the forests of the Coast Range

and of love.

It reminded me of the music of Grieg


Sissel's clear soprano voice.

I stood and listened as the music of the water

surrounded me

and filled my heart with joy.

But our journey was not yet over--

for there were many voices in that area...

more waterfalls and cascades,

the song of the peaceful, strong mountain and foothills...

the song of the moss--wet in the winter afternoon.


the song I had most wanted to hear...

the song of my long lost, now found historical site!

Though man made,

it had a song to sing too...

and its song brought me much joy--

for it meant the fulfilling end of one quest

but not the end of my journey of water,



and song.

Tomorrow I will hear the song of Epiphany calling me...

it will not call me back to the mountains,

nor by the rushing waters--

instead it will call me to bring gifts to the Christ as those Wise Men

from the East did so many years ago.

I will not bring Him gold, frankincense or myrrh--

for He is the King of all creation and does not need them.

I will instead bring Him my heart

and ask Him to fill it with His song

as He filled my soul today with the music of His creation.


Blessings on this eve of Epiphany,



Photos: coast range and foothills of Oregon, including historical dam.

To see other photos of this area taken this last June, see my posts here and here.


Grandma Becky said...

Nice posts. Indeed, Jesus wants our hearts. Thanks for sharing and as always I enjoy your photography. I recently was at Snoqualmie falls, in Nov. Hope you had a chance to see that post in Dec. 2011. Waterfalls are fun to photography. Have a blessed week!

aimee said...

I totally agree with you about Christ and thank you very much for your sweet comments! I do remember your post about Snoqualmie Falls in WA--beautiful waterfall! It has been a long time since I was there (when I was going to college in WA state actually was the first and last time). I would love to see it again someday:)
Yep, waterfall photography is fun to experiment with -- I am already planning to shoot several more I've never been to before.
Blessed week to you also!

Herbietta said...

The photos and commentary, so very beautiful

aimee said...

Thank you very much! It is a beautiful area -- you would like it:)

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