17 October 2011

Journey in the Land of Vineyards: Kiwi

Two years ago, a friend and I made a trip to the land of vineyards to see a real kiwi farm--

it was there I saw, for the first time, how kiwi are grown (the farm has several types) and it was there I had my first baby kiwi!!

Now, I am sure most of you are very familiar with fuzzy kiwi--

the kind you find in supermarkets.

They are delicious, of course

and we grow them at our home...

but baby kiwi are a bit different.

They are small, pop in your mouth, no need to peel

totally delicious fruit-

and once I had tasted them,

I knew I would have to return to get more.

So as part of our visit the other day, we stopped by HB & K Farms,

located in the Dundee Hills.

and picked some of the baby kiwi to take home.

After not too long our two buckets were full--

enough for both of us to share with some other family members!

These are mostly not ripe yet-

but in just a few days of sitting at room temperature on my counter they will be.

Besides our wonderful 'catch of the day' (the kiwi),

we had a great time chatting with the owner and two young people from the Portland area.

And now I am dreaming of all the things I can do with my baby kiwi...

if I have any left over that is:)

Be blessed, Aimee

Photos: taken at HB & K Farms located in Dundee, Oregon (SW of Portland) at 10794 Worden Hill Rd. There are signs in Dundee giving directions. Sorry I forgot to get the phone number...knew I should have picked up a business card:)

A BIG thank you to HB & K Farms for allowing me to take and post photos here! For those who are interested and live within driving distance of the farm, they expect to have baby kiwi available until the first freeze--early to mid November. I am going to try to make it back myself for another 'catch'!

Note: oh how I giggle when I reread my less than perfect grammar and oh how I wonder just what I was doing at the time I was writing:) :) :)


Momzoo said...

Those look like fun. We can't grow kiwi where I am, so I will have to just enjoy your pictures! ;-)

aimee said...

Sorry you can't grow kiwi, but you have the most amazing mountains and canyons right in your backyard and you get REAL snow I can only dream about :):):)
Blessings your way,

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