19 October 2011

Almost + Just Because

It's almost

time to pick our lingonberries

and our blueberry leaves are a gorgeous red!

My cut artichoke flowers are still gorgeous

and I love to look at them in the autumn light.


Sorry I know this is a repeat

but I just LOVE the red of our blueberry leaves this year...

actually I LOVE their color every year!

And this is one of the pears which is now sitting in a glass baking dish waiting for me to

decide if it should become pear sauce, along with the Asian pears

or if my son, a gourmet cook, has a better idea:)

I wonder if he has any exciting ideas on how to use our lingonberries...

Do you?

Temporarily unable to work on my task of the day due to our 'lovely' weather,


Note: the lingonberries pictured above are of the Balsgard variety.

Not sure what type of pear this is...possibly a Comice pear.

I am hoping I didn't wait too long to pick it...

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