19 October 2011

Lazy Days of Summer; BUSY days of Fall???

Seems like every pretty well every autumn is the start of my DH's remodeling/building season and so it is this year...fortunately the current project is not stressing me out quite as much as some of our past projects have been known to and come winter I will be very, very happy with it!

Besides the DH project, which in a way is my project too, I am currently harvesting apples, pears and Asian pears (this whole growing season has been very, very strange) -- my neighbor used some of our Asian pears to make a chunky fruit sauce out of and so I am very excited to try her recipe out. Most likely with everything going on it will be done in the crockpot. Additionally the lingonberries will soon be ripe--they will go into the freezer until I decide what to do with them (LOVE lingonberries)!

Time to get working.



Photo: a Columbia River Gorge waterfall. Probably the most viewed of all my posted photos--given that it was taken from a moving car, I am glad people seem to like it:)

I will try to have some photos later this week of our garden's bounty and possibly more trip photos--just too busy to do it now.

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