15 October 2011

Journey in the Land of Vineyards: Grapes + Gardens

Today's journey was a trip of definite highs and definite lows;

if is OK I think I'll share just the highs with you:(

I will also skip the first part of today's journey and move to our first major destination;

a beautiful garden nursery located high above the valley floor on a hillside.

BTW--our means a good family friend, my dad (who we borrowed for the day) and I.

Our first view of the nursery was this--
I never get tired of pinks and purples!
And I never get tired of this area's beautiful hillsides!

I LOVE this view--unfortunately this area was not at peak autumn color yet;
I think it is later than usual this year.
Still the view is wonderful
and my dad, who had never been here before liked it very well--
in fact he liked the whole trip,
especially the yummy frozen pumpkin dessert we all enjoyed at the end of our day trip:)
Yum, pumpkin!

I loved this very lush herb + veggie garden --

and this beautiful maple!
After the nursery---and a quick drive past their olive trees,
we went even further up the hillside and then to other nearby places!
It was fun being on the hilltops and, unlike, the trip to Mt Rainier I only got a little anxious for just a minute or two when we traveled up a very, very narrow road up one of those hillsides
(fortunately we passed only one car on that road and we had a little room to pull over so he could go by us--believe me the views at the top were well worth it!)
We traveled by many vineyards and saw many grapes--

and some very interesting sights besides the grapes
(we heard some interesting noises too--
apparently the birds also love the view and the grapes)!

Many, many hillsides filled with rows of grapes and beautiful red soil!

And then we bid goodbye to the grapes
and headed towards another vineyard and our second major destination--
a kiwi vineyard

But that will have to wait till part two.

Until then--be blessed,
Red Ridge Nursery
and other areas SW of Portland.
TY to Red Ridge for being such a great place to visit and for permission to post photos here! We'll be back:)

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