14 October 2011

What is the Right Answer?

I have become increasingly aware that I am spending way too much time on a 'certain' social network, on blogger and surfing the web...

That 'certain' social network is the main way I keep in touch with my out-of-state family and friends; I can't just say give it up completely--it's not like we live in the same city and I can see them in person:(

Regarding blogger--I LOVE sharing the beauty of the Pacific NW with others, meeting other bloggers and my blog serves as a semi personal journal (with the added benefit of photos). I also LOVE reading the blogs of others--sharing their lives, their interests, their thoughts.

Surfing---I know I can cut back some here; my surfing the Internet reminds me a bit of how, when I was a child, I used to spend hours reading encyclopedias--I have never tired of learning new things and there are always NEW things to learn on the Internet:)

So what to do...just thinking out loud (sort of). And now back to my real tasks.

Be blessed, Aimee

Photo: another favorite of blog visitors--enjoy! BTW, I LOVE this one too:)

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