01 July 2010

Yummy Sandwich

Recently my best friend and I made another trip to find more historic homes and walk through an arboretum. On the way there, we stopped at a Starbucks and ordered sandwiches. The turkey sandwich was good but nothing unusual; the tarragon chicken one was amazing. In fact it was so amazing, I am either going to have to find a recipe for it, conduct an experiment or move :)

Well, I guess there is another option, since moving is definitely out of the question and life has been too crazy lately to do any experimenting in the kitchen or search for a recipe.I will have to see if our closest Starbucks makes it too:)
Do you ever try to recreate food that you get at restaurants?
No I am not associated with Starbucks in any way (hate coffee; love, love, love tea)...but occasionally I grab a tea or snack there:)


Autumn Living said...

Yes, I certainly do. I did a google search for this recipe and came up with this...


What do you think? I love chicken salad!!!


aimee said...

That's it!! You are a life saver (well not quite but close)!! I am SO looking forward to trying this recipe out and I think it will even please my Farmer Boy!!
Blessings & many, many thanks:)

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