01 July 2010

Little Granddaughter & the Leaf

The other day I received this e-mail from my dear DIL--
I thought it was SO sweet I wanted to share it with you all:)

“(Baby) and I are outside enjoying what will be a very hot day. So we are taking advantage of the warm air and plenty of shade now. She found a leaf that had fallen and when I told her where it came from she kept trying to put it on the tall tree. Upon realizing that she couldn't reach she settled for placing the leaf on a small tree.

And so it sits,

a fallen leaf on a new growth, and a very happy baby who feels that she has done good.”


Grandma Aimee agrees:)

Blessings Little One!

Grandma Aimee

(and blessings to my sweet DIL too!)

Photo courtesy of my DIL--thanks!

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