03 July 2010

A Walk in His Gardens: Walking With the Ones I Love

This time of the year means I get to spend more time with the one I love...
time in our gardens,
time at home,
time on the road
time in gardens we find along our paths--
the gardens of God.
All very, very precious times.
This is one of His gardens we found along our path the other day...

Douglas Fir trees reaching toward heaven
and the Creator who sustains them
(and us too).

Peaceful, calm, tranquil waters reflect the creation which surround it
and glow from the sunlight above.
Waters of turbulence; chaotic, restless, dangerous.
Nothing reflects here.

Peace above the chaos;
safe despite the perilous currents so close-by.
Bent but not broken;
a triumph over difficult circumstances.
Pointing out some important message to passerbys who will listen to his silent message-
I think perhaps he is saying we need to keep grounded in what we know to be true-
things like love for God and the people around us.
A carpet of flowers,
handcrafted by God.
Created by Him for the children He loves so very much.

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