17 May 2010

Wildflower-Style Garden Update: Mid May

Back on this post I talked about our current garden project of a wildflower-style garden. Here are some updated pictures--sorry about the image quality (very bad lighting conditions)

Dianthus (Telstar mix)

Oriental Poppy (Allegro)

Cosmos (Sonata pink & Sonata mix); gypsophila (Gypsy)

Iceland poppy (Champagne Bubbles).

Also in garden--but no close up photo here--is an Iceland poppy (Spring Fever Red)

First section of bed. Columbines thus far planted: Musik Red-White & McKana's Giant (see post link above for close-ups of columbine). Also there is alyssum planted in the garden.

First 2 sections; third section (not shown). Not done yet, but a good start I think; will look better when one Oriental poppy from the first section is moved to the last section (after the rose is transplanted).

What are you working on in your garden? What is your favorite wildflower?

Blessings, Aimee

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