20 May 2010

What Am I?

I hope you aren't getting bored yet with this series, but nature brings out the child in me--as I search eagerly almost everyday for sights I haven't seen before. Beautiful sights that hold the promise of even more beauty to come, or of beauty that has been and still is. Today's hints:
  • I am a flower (duh, Aimee---I know you are saying that so please admit it because it will make me smile)
  • I remind Aimee of a child's toy pinwheel in my present, baby flower form, and she had to hold on to me to get this photo because it was windy the day she took it:)
  • I live in her wildflower-style garden, but would be happy almost anywhere.

And--if you don't know, but just have to know, because you need to know, because you are you....then please see this link.

Garden blessings, Aimee

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