05 February 2010

Sunshine on my Shoulders (or it has to be spring)

My canine baby working on his tan in our springlike weather;
he thinks it is spring.
Our fish think it's spring too;
when I walk by they gather quickly thinking springtime=food.
Sunny skies and sunny yellow forsythia;
a few of the buds have opened fully now brightening up our garden.
And this pretty shrub?
Not part of our garden but proof that springtime is near in the NW.
Note: "Sunshine on my Shoulders", 1973 by John Denver
A perfect song for this day.


Old Centennial Farmhouse said...

What fun to see your blooms! It is absolutely gorgeous where you live! From my gray winter day to your sunlight and blossoms, I marvel at the beauty I can see thanks to BLOGS! Wonderful photography, Aimee!

aimee said...

Thank you so much Joni for your sweet comment---I truly wish I had the power to send you some of our spring weather and flowers! Of course, if I sent you our weather then I couldn't see anymore of your beautiful snow scenes that I LOVE :) LOL
I too love being able to visit and experience so many beautiful places thanks to the blogosphere!
Lenten Blessings,

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