01 February 2010

January Journeys

Now that you've seen some views of our January garden, I thought it would be nice to share some scenes from His larger (and sometimes much higher gardens...)
so here are some pictures from our January journeys.
Up high on a road I had never been on before---loved the views (at least from the passenger side of the car I was in).
In a very shaded woodland area--both of us thought these ferns growing in this large tree quite beautiful. It seems like ferns grow in almost any shady area in the PNW (western) -- we have found some under decks, in the shade of buildings and even in a hanging basket! I love the green of our native ferns and mosses.

Another view. I loved this area--the light, the shadows, the ferns,the everything!

And I loved this old barn (got a thing about old barns as many do--especially love the red barns of the Wallowa Valley (no this isn't there) but really anywhere I am). I always look for old barns and sheds; and farm animals and Bambi types (always). None of the latter, unfortunately, on this trip--maybe in February??
Besides mountains and forests, the PNW has a lot of wetlands--in addition to Bambi types I have a weakness for ducks, geese, bald eagles and about every other wild bird that graces the NW. I can hardly wait to get a better camera to share them with family and friends but until then ---here is one I took during a January journey.
Happy February Field trips to you!

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