31 January 2010

A Walk in His Garden: winter to spring

Necessity is the mother of invention, right? Well since I am still in a holding pattern on getting a new laptop (by my own choice since I still don't feel a 'go ahead' in my heart), I started to play with my hubby's PC and lo and behold if it doesn't have a photo editing program I can use in the meantime...I do miss the matted photo frame look though and I will definitely need to play with all the editing features it offers some more but it will work and I am grateful for it:)
So here goes a winter to spring 'Walk in His gardens' stroll for your Sunday viewing pleasure.

Well that was the winter part of the 'walk' and I have a lot more wintry pictures...but since it seems like God has decided that spring should come to the PNW early this year we will move on to the spring pictures :)

Being outside lately has been pure delight what with the warmer then usual temperatures, some incredibly beautiful clear days, lots of birds singing (and possibly a frog recently too) and - of course - earlier then normal blooming plants! Every time I go outside I feel like singing hymns like 'How Great Thou Art' and 'Fairest Lord Jesus'! I CAN'T help but give thanks for every flower that I see, the pussy willows and the many not-quite-open-yet buds that hold SO much promise for a spectacular spring!
Wishing you all an early spring too!
Barberry with pagoda
Moss in water 'globe' (reminded me of the snow globes of my childhood)
Spring bulbs emerging --- Yippee!!

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