06 September 2009

Walks in His Gardens--the Mountain States

Some photos from my son's collection. We have a deal--I lend him a camera and he brings me back beautiful photos like these. We like the arrangement because this way we both get to enjoy the photos he takes...we hope you enjoy them too! Thanks son for giving me permission to post them here and yes, let's make plans for a trip soon.
This is a photo from Colorado -most likely in the area south of Denver and north of Colorado Springs. My son's favorite memories of that trip was the transportation and eating at Cracker Barrel (we both like that place SO much; the first thing we do when we are near one is eat there---near being defined as within an hours drive) Unfortunately there are none in the PNW at this time--unless you include Idaho in that area. I SO miss their grits...
I believe this photo is from Nevada, possibly close to Las Vegas.
As is this one. You know, even though I am a PNW girl, when I look at a photo of a desert or mountain area like this I feel peace. I think it is something about the colors; in the more arid areas of the SW they are simply amazing -- especially in the early dawn and at sunset. When I am there I often wake up early--it is as if my spirit longs to experience this most peaceful part of the day to be refreshed by the sight of God's creation at its best; of course when I am home....but we won't talk about that tonight:)
Nevada or east California.
Ah! This looks very familiar. I believe I've been over this very same bridge more then once; it crosses over the Snake River in Idaho and you can find amazing views of the canyon and river at the memorial area on the right side after you cross the bridge.
Since we started with a bit of green we will end with some too. This should be southern Wyoming. When I think of peaceful places, I think of rural areas like this one and mountains and forests and the desert and, sometimes, the coast. Peaceful, tranquil and serene. And that is the way I want to end my day today (and everyday).
Blessings this night to you,
All photos on this post © 2009 J. Blessings & A. Blessings.
A BIG thank you-again-to my son for use of his photos here:)
Note: photos were taken in the following months--mid June for the Nevada photos and early September for the photos in both Idaho and Colorado.

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