09 September 2009

A Walk in His Garden: Scenes of September

I love this time of year.
When plants & trees begin to take on the hues of autumn.

When the fragrance and colors of the grapes begin to become more pronounced as they move closer to harvest time...

and the season of peaches, sweet corn on the cob and tomatoes draws closer to its end.

Autumn flowers share room with summer begonias and the garden seems to be a more peaceful place.

Blessings from the garden,
Pieris against a handmade concrete-rock table
Laceleaf Japanese maple after shower (an authentic one this time!)
Nandina Moyer's Red by our upper pond
Chrysanthemum 'white Gigi' in planter (love this mum!)
Grapes: Concords & Niagaras (my favorite treat the last part of September!)
Tomatoes, sweet corn on the cob & Elberta peaches fresh from a farm (I would give up meat for these!)
Begonias & violas.

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