10 September 2009

Note to blog visitors

I recently added a search feature to this blog because I needed a quick way to find a post I had written about a particular song. I couldn't find it under the label "Music of my life" and didn't want to spend the time doing a manual search. By using the search feature I quickly determined it wasn't on this blog at all and could then go on to check the forum I write on -- where it was! Yippee!

However, the reason I am putting this note here is the search feature would come in handy if you're looking for a specific PNW (or other) location-such as Astoria or Seattle on this blog. I don't think it works perfectly on older posts, but it's fun to use and besides I love learning and (using) new features. BTW search results will appear at the top of the posts below the title photo.

Checked out the Blogger 10th Birthday gift blog lthe other night; there are some pretty interesting new features there. Might give them a try at some future date. Let me know if you have used any of them yet and what you think.

BTW hope you had a happy 9:09 AM & PM on 9/9/09----I am saying that for my DH "Farmer Boy":)

Blessings all,

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