10 September 2009

"The Bluest Skies You've Ever Seen...."

Happy September 10th!!

Have you heard that song before? If you are of a certain age group then most likely you have. Well it still rings through my head everytime I lay eyes on the Emerald City's skyline--a place of beautiful memories for me. Memories of the wonderful ice cream I used to get in the U of W district, the canals and waterways filled with ducks and boats, the city's hills, the parks, the lakes....OK I know I am gushing but I can do so--after all I did live here at one time:)
But it's not just Seattle that I love; for Washington state is an amazing place! And I love it... the peninsulas, islands, ferries, waterways and mountains for just like its southern neighbor, Oregon, this is a land of contrasts--from the very green (and often wet) rain forests of the west to the more arid eastern portion of the state.
I have family history here, too, and often wonder what my ancestors (and extended family) thought as they viewed for the first time the beauty of this area-a snow capped Mt Rainier, the blue Hood Canal--a fjord and the lush green of the rain forests. I know these scenes still take my breath away even though I have seen them more then a few times!
So to nourish my soul today -- a few photos of Washington state.
Forever may you stay green (and blue)!
Beautiful, serene and peaceful.
This is my beloved Washington.
I thank God for you.
Seattle - the Space Needle.
Olympic Peninsula
Central Washington (2 photos)
Northern WA--along I-5 (2 photos)
Olympic Peninsula (2 photos)
SW Washington
Note: Some of these were taken with my older camera and are not of the best resolution (not that my newer camera is a lot better--LOL). Sorry about that but I hope they will still give you an idea of why I love this place so very much!
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