19 April 2009

A Quiet Weekend Morning

One morning I was in the shower;
relaxed as I stood under a warm stream of water there

When all of a sudden there appeared,

seemingly out of nowhere,
a strange shadow --
right on the shower wall.

It had long ears-
two of them
a very strange shape.

And then the shower curtain moved,
just ever so slightly

I’m still not sure what to call ‘it’,
peeked past the curtain there.

'It' had a face only a mother,


a wife of almost 30 years...
could and does most definitely love so VERY, VERY much
(and always will)!

Yep, that would be my hubby playing a joke on me again!
And because I know him so very well--

I could only do ONE thing
and that was to break up laughing---
and he, who knows me SO very well
knew that I would.
Bless you my darling for filling my life with laughter!
Note & disclosure:
These photos were actually taken in our reenactment of this morning's real life adventure--
I know that I shoot tons of photos, and take my camera almost everywhere,
but the shower isn't one of them!
Oh and seeking full disclosure here-
in the real life adventure I never saw the ear shadow coming!
I sincerely hope no one is offended by our little 'adventure'-
believe me
NO offense is meant or intended at all :)
"A merry heart maketh a cheerful countenance: but by sorrow of the heart the spirit is broken."
Proverbs 15:13 KJV

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