21 April 2009

Homesteading Dreams

Wrote this awhile back

OK--I know that I should be a responsible adult and go to bed but I have one more topic on my mind and that is homesteading. Many, many, many years ago I took a series of classes on homesteading that was taught by a family that had actually done it. It was fascinating and the dream to do this has never gone away...though the books I purchased from them seem to have disappeared (deep sigh).
But though their books seem to have walked away for awhile, I have many, many other books that I've collected over the years on subjects such as organic gardening, fruit, vegetables, herbs, raising chickens, homesteading, building log cabins and much more. And the dream I've had for so many years still lives on.

We will see where this leads ...but I am learning to be very content where God has placed me NOW and use this land to it's fullest to bless us and others. And now I bid you all a good night:)

Blessings, Aimee

Photo: rural NW barn

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