19 April 2009

And a sweet sighting in the making!

This weekend I saw--

  • two snakes (there were two more near me that I didn't see)
  • two frogs in the pond
  • two Canadian geese flying right over us
  • one koi 'flashing" (leaping way out of the water)
and--this is a biggie for me...
blueberry blossoms!

These blossoms mean that, God willing, I'll be feasting on beautiful, juicy, sweet blueberries in only 2-3 months from now! YUM!

I so LOVE gardening:)
Note: we have several different types of blueberries--this is probably our Earliblue which is the first blueberry we have to ripen. Because I can never get enough blueberries (and I'm not alone in this), I'm thinking of adding another blueberry plant this year. I am told Ivanhoe might be a good choice as I like my berries a bit on the tart side -- I'm always beating the birds to ours:) I might also consider one of the latter blueberry type and maybe several of the 'dwarf' type berries--depends on whether I can find room for them.
Besides the wiki link above which has a lot of info and links of its own here is a website I just found tonight. It is sponsored by several of the NW universities (ID-OR-WA) & the USDA-ARS. Looks good and it has info on some other fruit crops grown in the NW including some more of my favorites!

Blessings, aimee

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