15 April 2009

The Encounter

It was a quiet day in our gardens and
a perfect day to get some things done outdoors.
My best friend had been out there working for 2 hours;
she arrived while I was still resting.
I decided it was time to help her.
She suggested several tasks;
I chose to clear the mess which has been under my son's window
for the last year or so.
You know boy things--like greasy clothes and other stuff.
I don't want to go into further details here--anyone who has had boys will understand and maybe even empathize with me.
I hope.
At first it was relaxing (while being strenuous at the same time)
pulling weeds, moving the rocks which border the path and bed there,
and picking up the garbage.
The day was on the cool side, but not cold--
perfect for this type of physical labor.
Recent rains had made the soil soft and weeds weren't too hard to pull.
I was making good headway;
my hubby man would be pleased!
One lawn bag full;
by this time I was sitting down to pull the weeds out, being of the lazy gardener sort.
I was pretty comfortable--maybe too much so.
Thinking back that was a mistake--a grievous error even.
I should have known not to relax and sit down on the job;
should have known that wasn't a safe thing to do in the garden
at this time of the year.
I moved on to the next rock,
not too much more left to do.
But first a recap here:
The first thing I had asked my best friend when I came out to help was if she had seen any visitors today; she said no.
You see we'd been having a lot of trouble with uninvited, unauthorized visitors on our property lately.
I moved the rock, just as I had done all the others.
There was this thing under the rock.
A thing with a stripe--an orange one, I think--and it was curled up,
kind of like a brooch jewelry sort of thing.
Strange. It wasn't moving.
Could it be some kind of weird overgrown snail or maybe a shed skin thingee.
I thought about poking it; maybe I did.
I don't recall now.
Was it dead?
Things seemed to move really fast after that...in fact
I lost track of the exact sequence of the events around this time.
I sort of went into a state of shock...
but I do remember asking my best friend,
a much braver and more knowledgeable person then I,
to come and take a look at this
odd discovery of mine.
it was somewhere during this time (or before she got there) that she said it was
and I realized it was
You've never seen an antique granny of five move so fast while making such loud noises.
If you were in our area today at about 1 PM I'm sure you heard it;
there was NO way you couldn't have.
I must remember to apologize for the noise pollution to everyone in a 10
or maybe 20 mile radius of our property someday.
I know they'll understand;
after all I'm the type of person who screams when I see a snake on the ground as I whiz by safely on our lawn tractor--so it's not the first time they've heard it.
Moral of the story:
  1. Always be prepared for unexpected visitors; you never know where, how or when they'll show up.
  2. Never, ever--under any circumstances--move a rock in the garden without being prepared for a possible surprise under it; most likely it won't be a hidden treasure you will find there.
  3. Hip boots and full body armour are a good and proper uniform for a granny weeding on a spring day in the NW. And the most important moral....
  4. A creature that looks like a coiled up, totally immobile, snake-skin-brooch-orange striped, hiding under a rock thingee is most likely (meaning absolutely) a VERY live snake.

The End--I sincerely hope (of this story)

Photo: a rock and weeds
And you thought I was going to post a photo of him???
Obviously you haven't read my snake posting policy here;
please understand that I'm a stickler for important policies like this.
I actually take personal pride in upholding firm standards and you really have to be when you are posting publicly -- I mean this is the Internet and this post is accessible by almost everyone.
. Besides if we had to recreate the event for a photograph my friend would have been calling 911 for me;.
an antique heart like mine can only take so many encounters of this kind in a day.
May your day be blessed with only flowers.
Blessings, aimee


Aimee Kieffer, aka "Momzoo" said...

lol! Funny! We have a lot of snakes around here too, most really big, harmless gopher snakes. Although we have killed a few of the rattling variety.

sallyo said...

Great story!! Love your blog; it's my therapy.

aimee said...

Oh, Aimee--please don't say that!! I might be too scared to ever visit one of my fav states again:) EW!! Rattlers--yep that would be worse.

Glad you liked the story and my blog!! TY so much for your kind comment; I am truly blessed when I can bless others!!

Blessings to both of you!

PS: My best friend still laughs everytime I mention "the encounter":) and of course I do that everyday. LOL

Cheesemakin' Mamma said...

Oh, hate snakes, too. I doubt you would have gotten me back in the garden. I really appreciate the snake posting policy.

Thanks for leaving a comment on my blog. Stop by anytime! I love it when people comment. We are so blessed to live the PNW. Your blog is beautiful.

God Bless!

aimee said...

TY Cheesemakin' Mamma for your kind comments & for your total understanding (& agreement) of my strictly enforced snake posting policy! LOL!
We have had more close sightings since 'the encounter'- hence today I'm blogging rather then gardening:)
You are so welcome about the comment on your blog--it was my pleasure to visit there and I'm planning on a return visit!

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