15 April 2009

Note to readers

I know change can be a bad thing;
in fact it can be a very bad thing.
sometimes it can be a good thing
this change is good--actually very good,
well at least for me it is.
You see this wife of almost 20 years, mom of three children and grandmother of five
has eyes older then an antique.
You doubt me??
Well it's true--at least most likely it is.
And since my eyes are THAT old and since I don't want to wear reading glasses to do this blog (because I LOVE my contacts a whole bunch)...
it's time for a change here--at least to the font color.
I thank you for your understanding about my granny eyes and the change :)
You will be blessed for it I'm sure.
As per usual please feel free to leave comments, suggestions and questions.
I can even handle legitimate complaints too should you feel the need.
Just be nice as I am a granny.
Remember this is your blog too and one of you may have a better idea!
In other business, a special welcome to any gardening friends from that particular forum.
Hope your flowers are blooming and your days of snow gone:)
Blessings, aimee
Tacoma Narrows Bridge.

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