09 February 2009

A Week of Love--meal & other plans.

This week I am trying to include a lot of heart shaped entrees and desserts; a not too difficult thing to do because I've bought a LOT of heart shaped cooking contraptions and bakeware over the years-none of them very expensive.
I also want to use a lot of red--partly because of its tie to Valentine's Day and partly because I have a lot of red items in the house already (red and various shades of red being my favorite color). Some plans so far---
  • Entrees: heart shaped eggs, heart shaped meatloaf, beets cut into heart shapes (ditto red pepper slices), beef patties shaped like hearts, heart shaped 'meatballs' with pasta. Maybe individual quiches...or heart shaped pancakes.
  • Desserts/Treats: frosted & painted heart shaped cookies, linzer tart cookies, mini heart shaped cakes, heart shaped, red "jiggle" jello and trifles...and on and on. Possibly Swedish fruit soup too and also "Danish dessert" which I can use as fruit soup, layer with whipped cream or pudding or use as a fruit glaze.
  • Placemats: purchased some pretty but inexpensive ones in shades of burgundy and another in red with matching cloth napkins.
  • Dinnerware: found a beautiful pattern in -- red-- but decided against it because it was something I really did not need but only wanted. I did buy some inexpensive, made in the USA clear glass dinner plates, mugs, glasses and trifle 'cups' though to add to some items I already had. All very adaptable to many other settings/ celebrations.
  • Blooming bulbs: not in red (well unless the not-quite-bloomed yet hyacinth is red). Pretty, colorful, nice, inexpensive. Note to self--need to still pick up tulips and make some baskets with ferns.
  • Valentines: already sent some 'love' cards out--to some family that live out-of-state. Bought a box of some really cute ones that look like they were created by kids (with a good message about love on them); also bought some individual cards for a few people. Am giving (and have already given) small gifts to close family members. Next year might try for homemade gifts. .
  • Chocolate and more chocolate--some heart shaped, some in heart shaped boxes for my chocolate loving hubby. We have already started on them:)

Well it is getting late so ...

Blessings & night y'all! A

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