14 February 2009

Another Note to Readers

I've been making a few changes around here and so will leave a quick note re: them. Changes made or being considered are:

  • I've increased the size of most photos to make them easier to view.
  • Within a few days of the above change, I changed the 'Title Photo' to one I took this past spring when I was in the Blue Mountains of Oregon. It was a difficult decision between mountains in the Rockies and the NW but I loved the blue skies and green of the photo I used. It just said spring & summer to me! Hope you also will enjoy it; if not I am sure it will be changed in a month or so..
  • I also moved some elements around just because I was ready for a change there too.
  • I was thinking of changing the font---from an italic one to a non-italic one. I'm not sure if this is because of my "advancing" age or not:) Basically, I really like italic fonts, but they are not quite as easy to read then the non-italic ones. So, I am calling on you-any readers out there- to help me a little here with your opinions, should you have one, about the font.

    Choice 1: Do you like this?

    Choice 2: Or do you like this better?

    Choice 3: Or maybe this?

    Just kidding about that last one, although I do like that ear MUCH better then the photo I took of my granny ear yesterday. Yea I do strange things--but they're ALWAYS for a good reason. Well most of the time they are.

    Blessings, A

    Now for those of you who have a Pandora's box complex, like me, or who are on a 'need to know' basis or who are Sherlock Holmes in the making...that little webdings section was-----

    (to be continued---JK!!)


sallyo said...

Aimee: I like having the photos a little bigger, as well as the new title photo. Just a thought about italics vs. roman from an old typesetter type person: roman is much easier to read, while italics work great as an emphasis.
Regardless of what you do, I enjoy your blog!

aimee said...

TY sallyo for your helpful comments! I really like the new title photo too--in fact I am thinking of making it my desktop photo.
TY for commenting on the italics vs non-italic font. In my old job, I remembered being told that same thing from another 'expert' in those types of things :)
I'm not sure if I have the energy to go back and change all the prior posts but maybe from here on out:) Or maybe starting in March....
TY for your visit!
Blessings, A

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