09 February 2009

A Note to Readers

A note to readers:
So sorry about the inconsistent spacing (or lack of spacing) in some of the posts. I am having a struggle with the Html and often the post looks much different then it does in the preview. Oh well--it is a small thing comparatively speaking and I will try again to rectify it later.
Until then--I beg your patience and understanding at this beginner blogger's efforts:) And now---time to cook that heart shaped meatloaf. Yum-food!
Blessings, A

For those who visit -- a question please. Would you prefer the photos be a bit larger or is the current size sufficient? I am on a dial up modem so I have been reducing their size to a minimum but could increase it slightly if needed.
Thanks! A

Update 2/11/09:
I've gone ahead and enlarged the nature photos of new posts, except heritage photos which I have decided -- for now -- to keep small. Hope this makes your visits more enjoyable to the blog. I know that I am happy with the new size:) TY again for stopping by!


Joni said...

Hi Aimee! I love your blog and your terrific writing. You asked about photo size and I would love for the photos to be larger! Great blog!

aimee said...

Thank you so much for your kind comment! The feeling is very mutual about your blog also!

TY also for responding to my question about the photo size. They always seemed OK until I started to use my hubby's PC and began to wonder if they weren't a little too small. Oh! Speaking of the hubby--guess who's home and needs fed:)
TY again.
Blessings, A

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