19 August 2013

Indulging Myself

I hope you will allow me permission to indulge myself on this beautiful sunny Monday afternoon.
You see I am still caught between the land of fantasy,
and the very real world of dirty dishes, piles of icky laundry
and other household tasks.  
It's not that I couldn't go back there...
(well maybe not HERE because I can't stand driving across high bridges
and someone else always has to do it),
but maybe south or north of there.

Yes, my heart would really like that--
to be in the land of seagulls, ocean and bays again.
But reality is telling me vacation is over and it's time to get back to work,
as my husband already did early this morning.
So with a few more photos, I shall stop my dreaming,
and get back to chores.
BIG frown.



just keep dreaming of that magical place while I do some chores.
Sounds like a win-win scenario.
Vacation Photo Collection
Central Oregon coast,
August 2013.
© 2013 A. Blessings
All rights reserved.
Please do not copy without permission.


Linda W. said...

Yeah, I know how you feel. I came back to work today after a week's vacation. So hard to return!

aimee said...

You are so, so right! I have accomplished so little today it is pitiful.
PS: Does this mean we will have some more beautiful photos to admire soon? :)

by Teresa said...

I know how you feel - I am still not feeling normal after the exhaustion of our camping trip! :-) ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

aimee said...

LOL. It's almost like needing a vacation to recover from your vacation. Or maybe an adjustment period where you can ease back in normal life:)

Willow said...

You made me smile Aimee.
Yes take the win, win scenario :)

Terri said...

It is hard to come back to reality after a fun vacation trip. Especially back to the world of boring chores.

aimee said...

Happy to do so--your blog brings me many smiles:) I didn't get too much accomplished but today is another day-yippee!
Blessings, Aimee

For sure...I need to find some interesting chore to do also. Hum, maybe making some lavender cookies? Not sure if baking yummies could be classified a chore though...thinking it falls under my favorite category 'fun' :)

Betsy said...

Oh how I know how you feel. I love the Oregon Coast and would be very happy to live there if it were economically possible.
I'm glad you had such a great time and now...you can plan the next adventure!

aimee said...

Me too Betsy, me too...and I AM already planning a new adventure-although this one will probably take me in a different direction:)
Hope you can get to the coast soon too!

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