22 August 2013

Of Lefse, Rosemaling + Celtic Harps: Pt II

 With my mind on the wonder and goodness of vaflers this morn,
I thought another post on our trip to the Junction City Scandinavian Festival would be a good thing.
You can find part one here 
and, of course, I have quite a few posts about
Scandinavian festivals, food and celebrations here.
I also follow several Scandinavian blogs as you can see
 if you check out my blog favorites to the right...
My current favorite troll--
this time a front view.
He had me laughing with all his naughtiness--
reminded me of a 2 year old!
Have I ever told you just how much I LOVE the so called 'terrible 2's'?
I always thought of them as more terrific then terrible
Speaking of Scandinavian food,
one of my favorite subjects,
I always get one of these from the Frikadeller booth...
in fact it isn't a festival till I have eaten some kind of Scandinavian food! 
I LOVE Scandinavian food and my goal is to one day try at least one bite of lutefisk.
Have you ever had some lutefisk?
How about poi?
Not Scandinavian AT ALL,
but I like to include it in my list of foods I have tried:)

The top section of the information windmill--
it is here that you will find AWESOME people to help answer all the questions you might have--
questions like "Where do I find my favorite rosemaler?"
"Am I going the right way to find Noah (Celtic Harpist extraordinaire)?"
"Is anyone selling the dried flower headbands I bought years ago here?"
(sadly the answer was 'no' to the last question...)

We always enjoy the town's Scandinavian dancers...
all the way from the wee ones
(now that sounds rather Irish)
to young adults.
LOVE their floral crowns,
the music that gets your foot tapping,
their colorful traditional folk costumes
and of course the dancing!!

Of course, you will find rosemaling there...
on buildings,
some vendor booths
and on craft items too
(more about that in part III).
I have lots and lots of useable and decorative items with rosemaling (rose painting) on them--
shelves, a wood bucket, a fjord horse and more.
I LOVE rosemaling and we are lucky in the PNW
to have several women who continue this beautiful folk art! 

And last but not least,
another of my favorite things to find at Scandinavian festivals
are these....
lots and lots of flowers...
one can never have another flowers in their life
and one can never have enough flowers at a folk festival:)
Have a great day!
Our weather has changed and they are having thunderstorms in the southern portion of our state.
So much of the western states are now having wildfires...
and sadly, as you may know, we have had loss of life and property.
Would appreciate prayers for rain--
lots of drenching, healing rain.
2013 Junction City Scandinavian Festival


Betsy said...

No I haven't had lutefisk but yes I have had poi. I admit I didn't care for it much. :-)

Your photos are beautiful and I love the rosemaling. Have you visited Leavenworth, WA and seen the buildings there? It's worth a trip for you.

Ah, yes. So many fires this year. The moon has had quite a haze around it here, but we also have thunderstorms predicted for Eastern Washington tomorrow afternoon. I'm praying for rain with no more lightening.


Linda W. said...

I grew up in the midwest, where there were lots of people of scandanavian descent. But I've never had lefse. Looks like a wonderful festival. I always go to the Oktoberfest in Mt. Angel every year. It's a fun time! Yes, I'm hoping for a little rain too, but after Saturday, as I'm running Hood to Coast and want nice weather for that! :)

by Teresa said...

You have really made me want to go to one of those festivals someday. Can you let me know when the next big one happens? A lady in our DAR group does rosemaling.. I want one of those bridge style candle lanterns that you put in your window at xmas. Thanks for sharing. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

aimee said...

The secret of eating poi is one taste quickly followed by a portion of pudding -- or at least that's what I did :)
Glad you enjoyed them--I think all you gifted crafters would enjoy it.
I have been to Leavenworth and loved it! We stayed at Leirvangen (a Norwegian B+B) that used to be there and attended one of their great festivals. Beautiful town!
I am hoping (praying) for rain; no lightening. Though all the haze makes for a beautiful sunset, I wish it would be replaced by a few days of rain...

You must try lefse someday--Viking Soul in SE Portland has great lefse wraps and Scandia Imports in Beaverton has good lefse also. I like it as a wrap or with butter and cinnamon-sugar. Mmm.
I LOVE Oktoberfest in Mt. Angel--now you have me hungry for fudge and strudel...Mmmm.
Good luck and stay safe on your Hood to Coast run! I love the route this year--through my beloved Upper Nehalem Valley:)

I will try and keep you in the loop re: Scandinavian festivals, but you don't have to wait for one to get one of the Swedish Christmas candelabras...I bought mine at Scandia Imports in Beaverton and you can also get them online. I LOVE mine (have three so far).
That is SO neat that you know someone who does rosemaling! You should have her teach you; I think you would be a natural!

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