17 August 2013

Summer Blessings

As I read Alicia's most recent post today,
 I knew what she meant.
You see,
I love the blue skies of summer,
the light that fills our home
and my heart.
But sometimes it just gets to be too much --
when there is day after day of endless hot
 (and abnormally humid) weather.
And when the landscape seems parched and dry,
and a bit dull,
well my soul just longs for some good old PNW rain to come and refresh the earth,
and maybe my heart too.
This week, during our vacation, I got my wish...
Yes, bright sunny days at the coast are amazing...
but foggy ones,
though they obscure  parts of the landscape,
make the coastline seem like its own magical kingdom!
And when the raindrops fall,
native plant berries glow like beautiful jewels.
And though beach fun may be cut short...
My heart sings as the parched earth and plants drink of this heavenly blessing!
And it soars as I think how loving our God is to send us just what is so badly needed right now.
His love is truly, truly incredible...

His blessings are without number!
Thank you LORD,
thank you.
Vacation Photo Collection
Central Oregon coast, August 2013.
© 2013 A. Blessings
All rights reserved.
Please do not copy without permission.


moonstruckcreations said...

Wonderful. We have had a lot of very hot and humid weather here in the UK over the summer and I am also thankful that this now seems to have come to an end and we are now back to breezy and showery weather.


aimee said...

Thank you! It must be in our DNA to be drawn to that type of weather:) Have a blessed weekend.

Terri said...

Glad you got some cooler temps and rain..have a great weekend!

aimee said...

Me too:) Wishing you a great weekend also!
Blessings, Aimee

Betsy said...

Such a beautiful post Aimee and so true that God takes care of our every need.
We've had abnormally hot weather here lately too, but it's supposed to cool a bit by the end of the week.


MastHoliday said...

Nice & interesting post to read with beautiful pictures, i glad that found your blog.

aimee said...

I am happy to hear you enjoyed the post! Thank you very much for your kind remarks and visit:)
PS: Sorry it took me so long to publish your comment.

Willow said...

Your appreciation shines :)

aimee said...

Thank you! Your comment made me smile...see? :):):)

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