22 March 2013

Of Ducks, Geese, an Old Church + Spring Daffodils

Yesterday my path led a friend and I into Polk and Yamhill counties,
part of Oregon's so-called 'wine country'.
But we were not in search of wine...
we were in search of pretty rural views like this...country!
And we were in search of these guys and/or gals...
By the way, I've been thinking.
If I were a Canadian Goose,
would I be the one in front...
leading the way,
taking the full force of the wind
or one of the geese in the middle...
protected somewhat from the perils of the journey,
a follower.
Or would I be the one in the back...
trying to catch up with the others,
maybe one who was weaker...
or perhaps a loner,
or maybe just someone who has their own way of doing things.
Hum...I think I've been a little bit of all three at some point in my life.
What about you?
What kind of goose would you be?
I prayed I would see a goose close up...
as this has been a somewhat disappointing winter for viewing Canadian geese.
This was really, really close up.
I wonder if he/she was injured?
We did our best not to scare them...
staying in the car and pulling slowly away when we left.
On one side of the road in the flooded marsh area there were ducks;
the other side had the Canadian geese.
Here is a closer view of some of the ducks.
I know one is a Mallard,
does anyone know what kind the brown one is?
Both had beautiful markings,
but I LOVED the brown one!
Our journey also brought us past many farms,
some little towns,
up and down rolling hills,
and to this historical church built a long, long time ago.
It is set on a bit of a hillside and as is often the case,
has a small cemetery by it.
Did I say we passed a lot of camellias in bloom?
Oh, and a lot of flowering trees...
The church's bell tower.
LOOK at that beautiful blue sky:)
And, our journey brought us here...
to the little town of Amity,
where they will hold a special festival this very weekend
in honor of a very special flower...
amazing, beautiful, sunshiny daffodils.
Definitely one of the things I love about springtime.
Have you had any recent journeys?
Amity Daffofil Festival
(including a volkswalk in the beautiful countryside, art and daffodil shows, food)
I've never been but it sounds interesting.
Another place I've never been, but want to go someday is the Monastery there...
I do know they have heavenly fudge because I bought some at Oktoberfest one year.
Mmmm, chocolate...
Wildlife photos near and at Baskett Slough NWR, Polk county.
If you visit here, you might also consider seeing the arboretum in nearby Dallas.
LOVE that place!
Dallas also has many historical homes if you enjoy Victorian houses;
I LOVE old houses too~
And as long as you're there, you could take the King's Valley Highway,
one of my favorite roads, and see
the Ritner Covered Bridge, near the little town of Pedee,
  Falls City (with a beautiful waterfall and more)--located off the main road
(above link has a photo, part way down the post, of the river above the falls.
I can't find my main falls post right now nor my photos of the arboretum in Dallas for that matter.)
 Harris Covered Bridge near Wren.
Historical church in rural Polk county
(my photo collection keeps growing--yippee!)
Daffodil field in rural Yamhill county.


Betsy said...

Good Morning Aimee:
Such beautiful pictures and the sky is so blue! You visited one of my favorite parts of the Oregon countryside. We drive though there on our way to the coast and I love to look at the vineyards planted so neatly in rows. There are always flowers in bloom.

I, too, think I've been each of those three geese at one time or another. Very rarely am I a leader though. I'm not comfortable being the center of attention at all. Sometimes though, it's inevitable and I will have to step out of my comfort zone for awhile. :-)
Have a lovely weekend!

by Teresa said...

Canada geese trade places when they are flying.. one leads and breaks the wind for the others and keeps the course, when he tires he falls back and lets another take the lead, and so on.. they all fly in different places at one time or another. The brown duck is the female - the male is colored and the female is plain brown for camouflage while on the nest. I enjoyed all your photos and would love to see all those daffodils! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

aimee said...

It is a beautiful area...I always enjoy my journeys through it too!
Me too--I find myself taking a lot of photos of the vineyard rows, especially up in the hills there!
Thank you for sharing...have an awesome weekend:)

aimee said...

I should say the sky wasn't always that blue--at various times in our trip we had sun, showers, clouds, clear sky...no snow though:)
Blessings again,

aimee said...

THANK YOU! I didn't know that...
may I copy your comment, giving you credit of course, for a post? Of course, I will have some commentary about how we as people need each other -- but it will all be good and wholesome talk:)
The daffodils were wonderful--some weren't in bloom yet, but there were enough to make me happy.
Have a great weekend--did you see we are expecting better weather soon? I am beyond excited...and on spring break too!

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