18 March 2013

Almost Spring Garden Walk

St. Patrick's Day was great and I will post some quick photos later.
I prepared a new recipe,
one native to Ireland,
and fell in love with it!
Are you counting the hours till spring?
I am SO excited...
since our first day of spring is calling for rainy weather,
I decided to do a walk in our gardens today to celebrate the coming change in seasons
and take some photos--
just in case the weather forecasters are right:)
You're invited to join me...as my honored guests
The first of our blueberries to ripen each year,
and one of my favorites for eating fresh from the garden!
One of our evergreen huckleberries...beautiful year round.
Wild plum--the first of our fruit trees to bloom each year.
Blossoms on this tree always make me happy because I know good things will follow soon.
Dapne Odora.
Yes, that yummy, delightful fragrance you are smelling is from this beauty!
 Wallflower-bowles mauve.
First of the wildflower/perennial garden blooms.
Sometimes our home problems get very discouraging...
but a walk in our gardens,
especially on a sunny, warm day,
is enough to remind me again of the blessings God has given me.
It is hard to not be grateful when one is enjoying a walk in ANY garden on a nice spring day:)
More later....
sorry some photos are a bit blurry,,,



by Teresa said...

Such promise from all those buds.. fun fun!
((hugs)), Teresa :-)

Betsy said...

Pretty pictures and thanks for sharing a walk in your garden. We had snow here today so no garden walks for me! You're right, a walk often makes our problems seem less,

aimee said...

Yep! Wish the bloom season lasted a bit longer though :-)
Hope you had a great day and are feeling better.
Blessings, Aimee

aimee said...

TY and you are most welcome.
My daughter gets really tired of the long snow season too. I hope yours comes to an end soon so you can enjoy time outside too.

Grayseasailor said...

Aimee, you were smart to take pictures when you did. On this last day of Winter it has already started raining over here with more to come on the first day of Spring.

In answer to your question from the last post, I do not know the name of our tribe, but from the searching other family members have done, we think the key is the Crosby branch that came from Scotland to Nova Scotia. It will be interesting to find the answer!


aimee said...

I am happy I did it too:)We are having rain too--but I noticed yesterday, when I was on my mini garden tour, that the ground seemed really dry for this time of the year and that some of the plants looked stressed, so I am really thankful for the rain today.

That's interesting about your family history! I am addicted to genealogy:) Last night, at my dad's, I spent hours doing it...good thing I brought my phone charger. If, in my family history cyber travels I run into anything that seems related to your family I will let you know.
BLessings, Aimee

ketz said...
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