19 March 2013

Never Again...Today's Experiment:)

My Farmer Boy loves his hard boiled eggs...
he loves them just as they are,
and he loves them made into sandwiches,
and he loves them made into angel eggs.
So I,
on occasion,
make hard boiled eggs the old fashioned way...
(or using a variation of this method)
TODAY that is!
Now, I can't and won't take credit for this new modern method..
but right now, I am definitely singing a very happy song because Easter eggs
will be a whole lot easier this year:)
Raw eggs awaiting their time in a preheated 325 degree oven
**(my eggs were large in size)
Eggs baking happily in oven while Aimee does other things...
or perhaps it is Aimee doing other things happily while the eggs bake?
30 minutes later I transfered the baked, very hot eggs carefully to a pan
to take a cold shower/bath under the faucet
Aimee didn't have ice to make an ice bath for these lovely babies;
the cold shower/bath worked fine.
 (I occasionally dumped the water in the pan and refilled it with cold water).
**The eggs 'chilled out'...LOL...for about 10 minutes.
Chilled eggs awaiting peeling...
will it work???
Verdict: success!
One dozen creamy, yummy eggs awaiting hungry hubby's tummy.
LOVE, love, love this method!
Sometimes change is good:)
Has anyone tried this?
I was really impressed --
no cracked eggs,
no hot steamy water,
lovely, lovely, lovely texture with no green...
NO more boiling eggs for me.
**Some people that have tried this have reported tiny brown spots on the egg. 
I did find one or so on the white...
but it was not a big deal at all and didn't affect the taste:)
Now on to my next experiment.
Wonder if I get my love for experimenting from my dad?
**updated notes
Repeat, repeat--I DID NOT come up with method.
Here are 2 links to others who have posted about baking 'hard-boiled' eggs...
I love using a muffin tin like the above blogger does.
Another way to bake them...from 2009.
**Another link of interest
In addition to these links there were others describing this method.
And here, on wikipedia,
some gorgous photos of Easter eggs for your viewing pleasure...
love these!


Betsy said...

I have never heard of baking eggs before but I definitely will be trying it soon. I never know how boiling eggs will turn out. Each time is different. And I can't figure out why sometimes they are easy to peel and sometimes they pull off half the egg white with the shell. Thanks for the tip!

by Teresa said...

That is an interesting concept! How were they to peel? We are eating more hard boiled eggs around here with our extra hens! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

aimee said...

Betsy + Teresa,
I have had peeling problems before too.

Using this method, one egg peeled easier than the other one did. I don't know if an ice water bath would have made a difference--water from our tap was pretty cold.

I read somewhere that peeling is easier if your eggs are on the older side...mine had an expiration date of March 22.

Found this site--perhaps the answer to the age old challenge of peeling eggs can be found there..
Hope this helps--I know there is quite a bit of information on the web re: peeling eggs. If you find something else please let me know...

PS: I updated the above post with egg size, cooling time, etc...updates are starred.

Grayseasailor said...

WOW!!! I want to try this, Aimee. Thanks for sharing the info!

aimee said...

Hi, Gracie
Isn't it a brilliant idea? I had been dying to try it since I first saw it awhile back..I was truly impressed:)
You might want to take a quick look at the links I provided...I always browse quickly through the comments on recipe posts, sometimes as they are often sources of valuable info too.
Stay warm, dry and safe today.
Blessings, Aimee
PS: BTW last night my daughter-in-law told me there is another method to making hard boiled eggs...perhaps I will conduct another experiment:)

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