15 September 2012

Walking Among the Dahlias

A walk among the flowers can do the soul so much good.

It turns a sad day into a glad one as you find yourself caught up in the beauty of creation.

So many colors,
so many sizes,
so many varieties...

I love how the light of the sun makes each flower come alive--
makes them glow...

Beautiful, amazing, gorgeous...I need more adjectives to describe these blessings of the garden.

And then there is the life within the garden...
the amazing, captivating bees...
I didn't always enjoy bees.
In fact, we had a very bad relationship.
Every summer one of them would sting me...
every summer.
Now we get along---and I don't mind sharing garden space with them at all!
But I still don't like yellow jackets, wasps, hornets...
and right now they are their normal angry selves---
another sign that we are in the last days --
calendar wise--
of summer.
Do you get along with the bees of your summer garden?
Today is a very sad day for me--my trip to see my kids and grandkids has fallen through
and my hubby is resting so there will be no trips today among the dahlias at the farm
or the evergreens and vine maples of the mountains
or along the ocean beaches
to lift my spirits.
But I have come up with another way to help lift them...
today and tomorrow
(or on whatever day you find this post),
I give you permission to copy one of these photos as my gift to you
and use them for any personal, NON-commercial use you desire
(it MUST be a NON-COMMERCIAL use).
And a friendly reminder, permission is given for just this ONE post please.
I hope that you will find one that blesses your spirit today:)
The dahlias at Swan Island Dahlia Farm,
Canby, Oregon
Their website is:


by Teresa said...

Oh dear, what happened? Sorry to hear that. I love the flower photos.. and that flower place.. makes me want to go there right now. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

aimee said...

Just a combination of travel expenses, work schedule (for the friend that was taking me), short notice, etc. Very disappointed...
You should go--I think their field is open through this month. I would either go early or late due to the lighting if you are taking photos...it is beautiful and they have picnic tables there so I assume you could bring a lunch or snack.
Thanks for your comment:)

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