13 August 2012

Summer Snow

When I was younger my grandma would make us snow cones.
She would create them by placing ice cubes in a dish towel
and then
crushing the ice with a hammer.
It actually worked really well!
She would then put the crushed ice in a glass
and top it
with that orange flavored powder that NASA brought into space:)
It was good,
especially on hot summer days!

A few days ago,
I had one of these in a park we stopped at  
and even though it wasn't my grandma's snow cone...
 it was excellent!

In fact, it was so good,
I am craving another right now.

So I ask you...
are you a shaved ice fan or do you prefer snow cones?
Do you have a favorite combo?
I like peach and strawberry
but I think I will try to make a lingonberry snow cone later this week.
Sounds perfect!

Stay COOL.

Update (8/14):
I've been thinking about my grandma's process and I decided to clarify it a bit.
First, I am sure this is obvious but I will be cleaning our hammer first before using it because it has seen much time in less than clean conditions. Secondly, I am going to try enclosing the ice cubes in a plastic zipper type food storage bag first before placing that in a dish towel. My thinking is that this will keep the crushed ice cleaner (no cloth fibers) and more contained.
My target date is this Thursday.
Meanwhile I have some pomegranate juice popscicles freezing in the freezer...
Mmmm, summertime frozen treats!


Grayseasailor said...

ahhhh what a great idea!!! Where is my hammer? This sounds like a great project to do with the grand girls...
hmmm what do we have around to use for flavoring...
I am off to investigate...
Thanks for posting, Aimee =)

aimee said...

I'm eager to try it too! I have to find (and clean) our hammer first and then I decided to try putting the ice cubes in a ziploc type bag first and covering that with a dishtowel. I think that will keep the ice cleaner and better contained:)
So far I've come up with these possible flavors: lingonberry, cranberry, pomegranate...but I'm still really craving the peach and strawberry one I had last week. Mmmmm!
Let me know if it works for you--I want to master the technique by Thursday's heat wave...

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