11 August 2012

From Hilltop to Ocean Beaches

It's quiet here now,
gone are the voices and laughter that make a parent's and grandparent's life so full.
But for those all too few precious days life was SO sweet
as we returned to old places
and discovered new ones too.
 On Coxcomb Hill,
at about 600 ft above sea level.
The famous Astor Column--
both of my grandsons climbed it;
one twice!
When I see shadows of children
I always think of Peter Pan;
what do you think of? 
No trip to Astoria is complete without a stop at my favorite Scandinavian bakery
(Home Bakery)
for Finnish pinwheels and fattigmann.
Yum! Just ate some more this morning;
I never get enough!
After Astoria we discovered a new beach--
one we all loved! 
Do you know the name of this headland?
If you do, you may know which beach we discovered for the first time.
 We weren't the first visitors that day though.
Another view of the headland.
My grandkids and daughter enjoyed a lot of surf time here;
grandpa enjoyed his rest within reach of the tall coastal grasses
and grandma?
Well you can tell what I enjoyed:)
Wishing you a blessed Sunday.



Grayseasailor said...

Thanks for taking me along on your great explorations!
I had a wonderful time, and am pondering if I have had any special thoughts when viewing children's shadows, since you asked :)
Gracie xxx

aimee said...

Kid's shadows (really any shadows) are wonderful things; they make me smile:)
I am SO happy that you enjoyed our trip to the north coast!

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