15 August 2012

Little Lost Soul

A little more then two years ago,
a smile of a little soul flashed across my television's screen
and touched my heart.
It was the smile of 7 year old Kyron Horman
standing proudly by his school science project -
a project on tree frogs.
Shortly after that photo was taken at Kyron's school--
Skyline Elementary in Portland, Oregon
this sweet boy,
with the infectious grin
went missing;
sadly he still is.

So on this 15th day of August,
I invite you,
as fellow grandparents,
uncles and aunts
to take a good look at the banner above,
to visit the Missing Kyron page where you will find
more information and many more photos
(including some with age progression);
to keep an eye out for this little lad
 to say a prayer that this lost soul will SOON be brought home.
I know I have.


Banner used with permission of this facebook page.

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