19 May 2012

Syttende Mai: Of Fjords

I have admired the Fjord horse for a long time now.
I can't remember for sure where I first saw one in person,
but most likely it was in Astoria.
All I know is since then I can't get enough of these beautiful, good natured, noble horses!
 So when I found out they were going to be at the Syttende Mai parade...
well it just added more reasons to go!
This first photo is of my best friend getting close and personal with one of them.
 I actually got a chance to ride one before...
not these of course, but a friend I worked with many years ago made arrangements for me
and my DD to meet, greet, love, pet, kiss, photograph and ride one at a stable she was familiar with.
Can I just say my smile that day (and that of my DD's was HUGE)!
I've ridden several breeds of horses before
(being a horse lover since early childhood)
but there is nothing like the Fjord!
The people who came with the Fjords were quite wonderful too!
I had a lot of fun talking to them:)
Here one of them is getting this baby ready.
Pretty baby!
 Ready to go...
all decked out in flowers.
Looking quite gorgeous;
their riders in costume also!
This face needs to get kissed;
that face too.
I'm sure.  
Time to be on their way...
thank you making the parade
and our day just a little more special.
And a BIG thank you to your owners, trainers,
 care takers
and riders.
Until next time...

Blessings, Aimee

for more information on these gentle beautiful horses see this link
or just 'google' fjord horse.
There are some amazing photos on the web.


by Teresa said...

Oh my goodness.. I love horses too and haven't heard much about this breed. They look adorable and so lovable! I have a thing for palomino colored horses - are they all this color? I have a big pasture and would love some animals, but it needs a new fence. Wishing. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

♥ Helen said...

Nice that you celebrated "syttende mai" :) Did you use to live in Norway? I saw you had "bløtkake" in a post below - it is my favorite cake :)
Yes these horses are beautiful, I once owned a fjord horse, but when I became a Mum it was difficult to find enough time for her - and we made the hard decision to find her new owners. Right now we have a little shetland pony at the farm.

aimee said...

You are me both! Per what I have read all Fjords are dun colored but there are 5 shades of dun that are recognised. I LOVE their color, I LOVE their gentle personality, I LOVE everything about this breed! I believe there are some breeders in the PNW--at least there used to be.
You know if you get one, I will expect many photos of them posted on your blog and maybe, even, hopefully an invitation to visit:) LOL
Glad you enjoyed the photos--I felt they deserved there very own post as they are THAT special!

aimee said...

Thank you for your comment; it is always a pleasure to hear from you!
I LOVED the Syttende Mai celebration--it was everything a good parade and celebration should be!
Yes, I LOVED the blotkake! It was SO good...I can easily imagine it being your favorite! I am definitely going to make one at some point; I am already craving a piece of one:)
I can imagine your feelings when you had to part with your Fjord, but I KNOW you are a great, responsible pet owner and that you did the right thing! Maybe sometime in the future you can buy another one, but I do LOVE your very cute pony:) When I was younger, I had a Welsh pony as did my sibling. I loved him very much(even though he was very onery).

Have a wonderful Sunday.

PS: Almost forgot to answer your question. No, I've never lived in Norway, but have wanted to travel there since I was much younger. Was talking about traveling there quite a few years ago with a friend who had dual UK/American citizenship, but things never worked out:( Maybe someday...

aimee said...

Check this link http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fjord_horse#Recognized_shades
They talk about the shades of dun that are considered acceptable...I think it will answer your question about color in the Fjord.The color I am most familiar with is the color of the horses on my post, but I think I've seen a grey dun colored Fjord before too.

Speaking of Palaminos--my sibling once owned a white Arabian and a 1/2 Arab palamino. They were both quite pretty. Wish I had taken more photos of them...


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