17 May 2012

Happy Syttende Mai

With her bath and shampoo done;
after a little sun
and attired in freshly laundered clothes,
Kristin Liv sets out for a week of celebrating her Norwegian heritage.

On her schedule this week:
Scan Imports
(a wonderful bit of Scandinavia in the Tri Counties),
Viking Soul
(a totally amazing "Norse inspired" food cart in the Belmont district of Portland),
Norse Hall
(a historic Sons of Norway lodge in the PNW)
and the 2012
Syttende Mai Parade
(a wonderful neighborhood parade featuring Fjord horses, vintage cars,
 a great marching band, beautiful bunads, many happy people and more)

Come along...
for on Syttende Mai
 all are welcome to be Norwegian:)


by Teresa said...

What a cute doll! You sure have lots of fun plans in the works! How nice to be Norwegian.
((hugs)), Teresa :-)

Grayseasailor said...

Thanks for your beautiful blog..I just have been catching up reading some of your latest posts and have added you to my blog roll so I hopefully can keep up with your posts better. A dear friend who died nearly fifteen years ago was born in Norway and used to visit family there every three years or so. One time she brought back a cup and a bowl for me that I treasure to this day. We were prayer partners and I am so grateful for her positive influence in my life.
My conversations with the Lord through the years convince me that I continue to need to learn to listen for Him in my life more than I do. (: It is too easy for me to either try to tell Him how to run the universe or simply run from Him in fear. But He has made Himself known mightily in my life through the years and I am so grateful to continue to grow to know Him more and partner with His work for His glory. <3

aimee said...

TY! I think Kristin is very cute too; I'm hoping she will someday soon meet a cute little Norwegian boy doll and then I will have a couple or maybe a sister/brother set:)

I wish I was Norwegian, but although my heart is 100% Nordic, my genealogical studies have not proven the connection yet.


aimee said...

TY very much and thanks for adding me to your blog roll. That was an unexpected blessing:)
How wonderful your Norwegian friend sounds--and to have been able to be prayer partners too! It would be very hard to lose a friend like that. I'm glad you have the assurance of seeing her again someday--I know that helps!

Thank you for being so open and sharing about your prayer life! It is good to share such things as we sometimes mistakenly believe we are the only ones who feel that way! I pray that the grace of our Lord will be with you and draw you yet closer to HIM.

God bless,
PS: I just had a sec to pop on over to your blog--is your grandson ok?

Grayseasailor said...

Yes, Aimee. My son texted me today to say that my grandson went to pre-school today. In the Psalm I read this morning the Psalmist wrote that we should tell our children about God' miracles so they can tell their children. While the Psalmist was writing about the miracles in the history of Israel, my.grandson's protection from serious injury is a miracle our family will no doubt tell with awe and gratitude in the years ahead.

aimee said...

I am SO glad he is OK--thank God!I agree--in fact I would write it down in his baby book if he has one so when he is older he'll always know.

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