10 May 2012

Sunday Journey

Some journeys take you to the sea
and some to the desert.
But some take you to the mountains and these are the ones I really love!
 This past Sunday my DH and I headed out to spend some time on a mountain.
Actually, our destination was the very top of a mountain located not too far from Portland;
one that has a park there.
It was a beautiful day for a trip and we saw many pretty things.
We saw lots of great views of the valley below
 (don't worry we'll get to a photo of that).
We saw and safely passed a couple of bicyclists and one hiker
(yes I have photos but then I thought--would I want someone posting me on my bike?).
And, once we got to the park, we saw some motorcyclists...
one of my first dates with my hubby was spent on a motorcycle
(we were supposed to go to the coast by motorcyle, but he says I chickened out)
Funny man...with a good memory:)
 Besides the great valley views on the way up,
the bicyclists,
a hiker,
we saw
beautiful wildflowers of several different kinds.
I know which one here was my favorite,
but which one(s) do you like best?
I LOVE wildflowers and am always looking for them.
Not pictured here, but favorites of mine are bachelor buttons (cornflowers),
columbine and California buttons.
 Oh, I should also say, we saw a lot of trees too
and some picnic tables with pretty great views!
 And those views were the primary reason we came...
we wanted to see the mountains this place is known for.
And we did see them,
or at least we did see three of the five you supposedly can see from up there.
And yes, I took photos of them...after all that was the reason we had come.
I took a few with my regular lens
and then with some more with my zoom lens
(did you know I can change lenses now...it wasn't a foolproof process though and I was just thankful that my hubby wasn't there when I changed them back at our house later that day; embarrassing!)
But I'm not posting any of them--
at least today--
because, well, there just a bit disappointing I think.
Or maybe I am being too much a perfectionist; I need to think about it more.
Maybe later...
I will show you a photo of the valley we saw on the drive up to the park.
 Yes, that IS my hubby's arm--
as you can tell,
I was NOT focusing on his arm.
And yes, we were quite a ways up,
but now I am not reacting to heights like I was for a time
(thank you God).
 Here is a photo of one of the picnic tables with a view..
and yes, if you walk past that table a little bit you will KNOW how far up you are.
After all, this is the highest part of the mountain we were on.
OK. I have done some thinking--about the mountain photos, that is.
They are not as nice as I would have liked, but without them this
Sunday Journey post would not be complete ...so here are two of them.
 Mt Hood
Mt St Helens
(it looks quite a bit different than before the eruption).
Ok, time to continue our journey...
this sign should tell you that there is a bit of a steep slope on the way back down,
but just like the way up, it is quite pretty!
And at the bottom the Aimee who loves history so very, very much
found herself a bit of another kind of treasure in a little community there.


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