10 May 2012


Recently I found myself missing spring.
Not rainy, cloudy, gray, cold spring--no.
We have enough of that here in the PNW.
But the spring we are having now--sunny, blue skies, warm, but not too warm spring.
And, then, I found myself not wanting summer to come and change all this new life, the beautiful blossoms, the wonderful freshness and color of our gardens...
and His gardens.
Yes, I know summer has color too and blue skies and sunshine,
but it just seems that spring is SO alive,
SO new, SO colorful, SO fresh, SO exciting...
it just seems, like (as Alicia of Posy Gets Cozy says)
the lighting of spring is softer and more nuturing to the heart.
What do you think?
Do you prefer spring to summer or not and why?
 But maybe this feeling isn't because of spring at all;
perhaps it has more to do with my son leaving soon and missing my kids and grandkids...
of trading one season for another.


Photos: Quimper Peninsula, Washington state.


by Teresa said...

I love Spring and Summer.. then Fall.. and I just don't care for Winter much. I am so sorry your family isn't near you.. I choke up daily from the loss of my daughter and 2 GDs. ::sigh:; Hugs, T

aimee said...

Yea, I don't care for winter too much either--although I do love one or two good snowfalls (hate the rain and constantly dark, gray days though).
TY. I really miss being close to our kids and grandkids...I understand your pain and hope that, in time, it gets a little more bearable (and that you are able to see them soon).

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