11 May 2012

Of California Poppies

First there were the lemon colored daffodils that got me dreaming about spring days to come.
Then the many colored tulips which made my heart happy.
Next the white and light purple lilacs which smelled as wonderful as they looked,
the apple and cherry blossoms that were totally dreamy,
the rhodendrons with their large, gorgeous blooms
and now the orange California poppies!
I am ONE happy woman this spring
(well except for my son leaving).

For fellow California poppy loving people take a look at this photo...
 oh great and wonderful orange poppies please come and invade my garden:)
Now, THAT would be heavenly...
speaking of heavenly, our irises are showing color now 
the buds on our roses are just about ready to open.
Spring stay forever...


Note: the photo above is mine;
the link will take you to an amazing photo of the Antelope Valley California Poppy Reserve.


by Teresa said...

I saw a BUNCH of CA poppies in bloom along I-205 today... more than ever before... It's quite a flower power year! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

aimee said...

That's wonderful!!! They just catch your eyes, don't they? I am hoping to see some more of them and other wildflowers this weekend.
I agree---it is definitely a flower power year (boy that reminds me of my past).

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